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About Us

A&L Intermodal has it’s origins in Intermodal Trucking servicing Calgary as far back as 1995 operating under the name of A&L Automarine Transportation. A&L Automarine Transportation operated on a fairly small scale with limited organizational structure and old equipment. As a small drayage company we needed change if we were to survive.

In 2006 we began the task of rebuilding the company with the initial focus on replacing all of the Equipment and Establishing Office and Dispatch Procedures. In the Office, we introduced an internally developed computer based system for tracing our incoming loads on rail, dispatching our trucks and tracking our empty and loaded containers back to the respective rail terminals. The new system while not perfect resulted in a tremendous productivity and accuracy improvement over the old paper shuffle system. In the yard, old equipment was sold, and a new fleet of Day Cab trucks purchased. The new fleet gave A&L Automarine Transportation a boost of confidence greatly improving our ability to provide reliable, cost effective service.

In 2008 A&L Automarine Transportation was acquired by Whoosh Industries Inc who changed the company name from A&L Automarine Transportation to the current name “A&L Intermodal” Whoosh Industries purchased A&L Intermodal with the intention of growing the Company through expansion of existing Calgary Customer Base and through the addition of new service locations in Western Canada while still specializing in Intermodal Trucking.

To ensure the growth ambitions of A&L Intermodal, Whoosh Industries recognized the need to improve the A&L Intermodal image as well to further improve the Office Systems in order to cope with growth opportunities when they come. With this in mind A&L Intermodal developed a New Logo, Website and most importantly introduced “Profit Tools” an interactive and proprietary Business Management Software designed for the Intermodal Industry. Amongst many other benefits, “Profit Tools” has resulted in Superior Instant Communication between A&L Intermodal, our Clients and the Railroad ensuring we fit seamlessly into the Global Supply Chain.

In 2012 A&L Intermodal established an office in Edmonton providing drayage services to our existing clients and also to facilitate growth opportunities in Edmonton.

Today A&L Intermodal has established itself as a Professional, Safe and Highly Reliable Drayage Service provider.

We are Truly Ready to Grow!!